Council for Minnesotans on African Heritage

The Minnesota Legislature empowered the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage to ensure that people of African heritage fully and effectively participate in and equitably benefit from the political, social, and economic resources, policies and procedures of the State of Minnesota. Generally, the Council is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Advising the Governor and the Legislature on issues confronting Black people;
  • Advising the Governor and the Legislature on statutes, rules and revisions to programs to ensure that Black people have access to benefits and services provided to people in Minnesota;
  • Serving as a liaison to the federal government, local government units and private organizations on matters relating to Black people in Minnesota;
  • Implementing programs designed to solve problems of Black people when authorized by statute, rule or order; and
  • Publicizing the accomplishments of Black people and their contributions to the state.

332 Minnesota St.
Suite E1240
St. Paul, MN 55101

(651) 757-1752


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